A portfolio of my graphic design and Illustration work other than that in my shop. A range of illustration work, and graphic design work including logo design, business card design, website design, posters, brochures and general branding.

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This was a new building company, which was merging two builders into one joint business, which required a rebrand of logo and business cards. 

The brief was to have a bold, strong logo that was fresh, yet strong, and had a part of Canterbury represented in it, the local area of the builders.

The final imagery in the logo is a part of the Southern Alps in the local region.


These Graphics were designed for a local night market that I was a part of organising via AfterDark Events. We wanted the design to be bold and striking, and to appeal to a range of audiences, but mostly young adults. 

The market was a fresh event, with a range of high quality designer goods and merchandise, with food stalls, buskers and artists, and fire dancers. We wanted to convey this excited energy into the graphics as well. It needed to be adapted for a range of media, including posters, as well as digital advertising across a variety of social media platforms. Check out the video to see my photography documentation of this awesome event below.


Cavan Farm Fresh Milk was a rebrand of a local Fresh milk company. The franchise that the clients operated under was breaking up under new legislation, which required a new look for all of their business branding;

logo, website, business cards, social media and more.

The clients wanted to keep the colours of the Franchise which were blue and white, but they wanted to make the design a little bit more traditional, while still appealing to their wide range of customer demographics, and fitting in with the theme of the business, being a local, rural and friendly, warm family company.


Using the existing Pay It Forward logo, I have done a few posters and mock ups for advertising campaigns for local events for this Christchurch Designer Co-op Shop.

These have been made to stand out, and appeal to the customer demographics of the shop, while keeping in with the existing branding of the store.


The clients required a poster to promote their event, and also a fold-out programme to outline the events for this entertainment extravagnaza. The aim was for an eye catching and entertaining design.

I was inspired by images and photographs of the organising team had already used including their dog and "F Girl". They wanted some charms to clearly display the sponsors and entertainers.


This logo and web design and business card design is for a new building company; Legacy Building.  The client came to me with a clear design that he wanted digitised and perfected.  He was after a simple, clean cut logo that can be versatile for a range of uses, logo, business card, website, work vehicles and clothing.  A modern, yet classic design to fit in with his business identity. The aim was black and white, with the option to add colour at a later date if wanted, and the client was also provided with a couple versions of the logo, with wording inside the circle and wording outside the logo to fit in with the versatility of the design.  


This was a business card design for a client who was refreshing her website and business tools using her existing logo. The aim of the business card was to match the look and feel of the client's new website, which was done by another company, while being the first impression of the business for networking purposes. Spot gloss was also added to the purple cloud for extra effect.


The aim of this logo design was to create an identity for commercial, public and wedding photography when publishing, sharing and displaying photography online.

​The logo was shaped around something different from the typical photography logos that usually are based around the circular shape of a camera lens or around a camera shutter. I wanted to bring a bit of fun and life into the logo that somewhat speaks more of the photos that I take rather than the tool that I am using to do so.

The inspiration for the logo was taken from a piece of art made by Lindsey Jane, which is a D for Debbie made from buttons and feather embellishments. Therefore, the red D with a feather was used as the logo. 

The font beneath the image was to be kept simple to make this design fun yet have a level of sophistication.
The logo can be chopped and changed for different photos, while still maintaining the same feel and identity, such as putting the D within a circle, or changing the writing and images individual proportions so that they may be larger or smaller, to completely separating the image from the writing and placing somewhere else in the photograph, or taking it out of the photograph and simply using the writing or vice versa.




The aim of the design was to assist in creating a brand identity for Designs of an Eclectique Heart. The brief was for the logo to be fun, yet sophisticated, and have somewhat of a timeless feel.

It is a revamp of the old logo – done to bring the logo into a current design. The old logo featured the same flowers (poppies) - which have been modified to carry this element into the new logo.
The Designs of an Eclectique Heart logo can be chopped and changed for different programs and use, while still maintaining the same feel and identity; an example of this is the transition of the business card to the header of the website.
The website design is to showcase a portfolio of work under this brand, and continuing this into social media such as Facebook. The logo has also been used at this point for Pinterest, Felt,

Society 6, Trademe and Etsy, with the format being changed where necessary to fit in with sizing specifications and my judgments for the best fit for the logo.

The logo and look and feel of the company is constantly being updated, and is now in a newer phase of the business once again. Taking this current website and new logo variation in the About section as the newest form and evolution of the branding of the business.


The brief was to design a map for the Mairehau Community and suburb in Christchurch. The clients wanted the map to be fun, fresh, and informative to display the information of the local businesses and community services and schools. The map style was based on a previous map design I had done, that the client liked. It was set up to be published as the centerpiece in an A6 booklet, as well as on a larger sign to display at the annual community day. 

NHT PW 2019 BROCHURE P1 lower res jpeg.jpg

This event is a bi-annual event held to support parents through various challenges of parenting. There are a variety of speakers at the event as well as workshops. The graphic design for the event called for an overall theme and concept, and to design this around a variety of advertising methods - social media, posters and flyers as well as a printed fold out brochure for attendees (digital version pictured above and below). 

NHT PW 2019 BROCHURE P2 lower res jpeg.jpg
Light Party 2020 15 v3 A5s-02.jpg

This brief was to design a poster for a Light Party aimed at families with young children. I was asked to design a poster that could be reused each year, but that the theme (near the lower third of the poster) can be changed/ updated each year. 

Parenting Adventures 2021 FB Event Banner.png

This event is a bi-annual event held to support parents through various challenges of parenting. There are a variety of speakers at the event as well as workshops. The graphic design for the event called for an overall theme and concept, and to design this around a variety of advertising methods - social media, posters and flyers as well as a printed fold out brochure for attendees (digital version pictured below). 

Parenting Adventures 2021 Fold-out Brochure by Into the Wild NZ - Side A
Parenting Adventures 2021 Fold-out Brochure by Into the Wild NZ - Side B
Whanau Centre Final Logo png - white back - large.png

The Whanau Centre is a family orientated support system for anyone that needs it.

Based in Mairehau, Christchurch and run by the Neighbourhood Trust. They wanted a logo design that was modern and appealing to a wide range of families and generations, while connecting with the Neighbourhood Trust logo.

Below is the signage for the window of the space which I contrasted in white.

Whanau Centre  Thinner Text Mock-up_edited.jpg
NHT Logo 2018 Transparent Back 300px - Print -Colour.png

The Neighbourhood Trust are a local community support system located in St Albans/ Mairehau in Christchurch. They wanted a fresh logo that reflected the community spirit. The korus in this logo represent safety and representation of the community and those in need being looked after and supported, a nestled supported community.

NHT news for portfolio Into The Wild-01.png

The Neighbourhood Trust wanted a newsletter/ magazine to be sent around the

St Albans/ Mairehau in Christchurch. They wanted the logo for the publication to be connecting and fitting with the Neighbourhood Trust logo. The korus in this logo represent members of the community, as well as quotation marks to signify talking and the news that is published 4 times a year. For the magazine, they wanted a fun and eye catching design that would appeal to the wide range of readers in the community. You can scroll through the gallery below to see the full issue of the Neighbourhood News.


This was a new startup company, which is aimed at taking the administrative stress away from creative souls ~ artists, musicians, writers, designers, artisans and more. The logo was to feel light, and refreshing, giving off the sense of excitement and new life, as well as representing the fun approach that the company offers while doing business.

This logo and website is still in draft stage, and is currently being refined for publication very soon.

Web Overview Draft Final.jpg

The aim of this project was for the drummer - Rosanne Burdett to create three musical medleys under the project name Rosieglow. These medleys were covers from the bands: Shapeshifter,

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Shihad.

My part in this project was to help refine the Rosieglow logo. Rosanne wanted one main logo to represent her using the idea of the name inside a circle. I developed this to represent her further by adding the white circle to represent a bass drum. We added the bird to represent her signature drums that feature this bird and others on it. For each medley made, Rosanne wanted something in the logo to represent the original musicians of the songs featured in the medleys; so the band’s logos were incorporated, replacing the drum hole in the main logo and different colours were used as background to represent each band.
I also took photographs of Rosanne playing the drums whilst recording these medleys.
The photographs and logos were to be used on the Rosieglow Facebook and Twitter pages,

You Tube, and SoundCloud.